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tom green dance academy

    dance academy

  • Dance Academy is an Australian teen-oriented television drama produced by Werner Film Productions in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ZDF.

    tom green

  • Michael Thomas “Tom” Green (born July 30, 1971) is a Canadian actor, rapper, writer, comedian, talk show host and media personality.
  • Tom Green was the head men’s basketball coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack / Teaneck, New Jersey, where he led the team to a 407-351 record in 26 seasons leading the team.
  • Thomas Green is an Australian actor who is best known for his role as Sammy in the ABC series Dance Academy.

tom green dance academy – Tom Green:

Tom Green: Inside and Outside the Box
Tom Green: Inside and Outside the Box
How low can you go? Tom Green can go lower, and did–often–in his hilariously lowbrow skit program from Canada’s Comedy Network! Before the popularization of “reality TV,” Green incorporated the low-tech look of home videos for this series of bizarre sketches. From “Mustard Inspector” to “None of Your Damned Business Man,” to dropping a cow head in his parents’ bed, nobody does it stranger than Tom. All 26 episodes of “The Tom Green Show” are featured in this three-disc set. 9 3/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary on selected episodes; bonus footage.

Marianne Stone Carry on Behind

Marianne Stone Carry on Behind
Marianne Stone: Prolific character actress who appeared in more than 200 films

The accomplished character actress Marianne Stone had the distinction of being the most prolific actress in the UK, appearing in over 200 films, an achievement that earned her a place in the latest Guinness Book of World Records as "the actress with the most screen credits". She has also been hailed in the book English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema for her contribution to the horror movies that flourished in the Sixties, but most of her screen roles were as working-class characters. In two of her earliest films she was respectively a shop assistant in When the Bough Breaks (1947), and a sluggish waitress in Brighton Rock (1947).

Though she occasionally had lines to speak, many of her roles were wordless and uncredited, but she had some pithy roles in the Carry On films (nine of them) and she had a small, but striking, role in Lolita (1962), directed by her friend Stanley Kubrick and adapted from the controversial novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Stone played Vivian Darkbloom (an anagram of the author’s name), a mysterious lady who is seen dancing with the jaded writer Clare Quilty, played by Peter Sellers. (In the 2001 fantasy Donnie Darko, Maggie Gyllenhaal attends a fancy dress Halloween party as "Vivian Darkbloom", Stone’s character.) For 50 years Stone was the wife of the film and theatre reporter, gossip columnist and bon vivant Peter Noble, and the parties they used to give at their rambling house in Abbey Road were legendary.

She was born Mary Stone in London in 1922, and won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where she became friends with fellow student Richard Attenborough. From 1943 to 1945 she was part of the company performing at the Intimate Theatre in Palmers Green, where she won particular accolades for her performance as the cunning Cockney trollop Betty Watty in Emlyn Williams’ The Corn is Green. Noble was a young journalist who covered the Intimate’s productions for a local paper, and Stone began to notice that he always gave her favourable reviews, even when her part was minuscule. They began going out together, often joining the Attenboroughs at the Arts Theatre Club, and in 1947 they were wed. They had two daughters, Kara and Katrina, and the marriage lasted until Noble’s death in 1997.

In 1946 Stone appeared at the St James Theatre in two alternating plays in repertory produced by the actor-manager John Clements: John Dryden’s Marriage a la Mode (in which Moira Lister and Stone played sisters) and the premiere of Margaret Luce’s The Kingmaker, a biography of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the key protagonist in the Wars of the Roses. Stone then played Betty Watty again when The Corn is Green was staged at the New Theatre, Bromley, where the actor playing the young miner who is given the chance of a university education was played by the then little-known Bryan Forbes.

Throughout these years she was billed as Mary Stone, but as her career in films got underway she changed her first name to Marianne, though her friends still knew her as Mary Noble.

She made her screen debut in the Arthur Askey musical comedy Miss London Ltd. (1943) and her early roles included a factory girl in Miss Pilgrim’s Progress (1950), a "woman in a phone box" in the apocalyptic drama Seven Days to Noon (1950), and in 1954 she played barmaids in three films, You Know What Sailors Are, The Good Die Young and The Gay Dog. Her first foray into the Carry On franchise was in Carry on Nurse (1959), and her flair for comedy was particularly apparent in Carry On at Your Convenience (1971). She was typically a "woman in a scarf" in The Jokers (1967), and in Oh, What a Lovely War (1969), directed by Richard Attenborough, she was a mill girl. Her finest opportunity to display her prowess was probably as Lena Van Broecken in three episodes of the BBC television series Secret Army (1977/8). Her last film appearance was in the gothic tale set in the world of ballet, Deja Vu (1985).

At the parties she and Noble gave, it was quite likely that one would run into top stars, in London to make or promote a film, to appear on stage or just to visit. The Kubricks were good friends, and the family have three paintings by Christiane Kubrick that she gave to the Nobles. One of their regular guests remembers meeting Lana Turner and Sean Connery (the latter not yet a major star), who were filming Another Time, Another Place, and stars who could always be found at the Abbey Road dwelling when in town included such illustrious names as Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Roger Moore, Shelley Winters, Paul McCartney and Herbert Lom, who was the best man at their wedding.

Stone is survived by her two daughters and a grandson, Nicholas Frew.

Marianne Stone, actress: born London 23 August 1922; married 1947 Peter Noble (died 1997, two daughters); died London 21 December 2009.

Tom Vallance The Indep

Green Display2

Green Display2
Otherwise normal people… Aurelia C Scott
How to build a fire… Erin Bried
The self-sufficient-ish bible… Andy Hamilton
Wonder girl… Don Van Natta
A good walk spoiled… John Feinstein
From romance to realism… Michael Cart
Henry David Thoreau… Henry David Thoreau
The Odyssey… Homer
The Odyssey… Homer
Vision and art… Margaret Livingstone
Colorful illusions… Aki Nurosi
Chasing molecules… Elizabeth Grossman
lack mass… Dick Lehr
The best American science and nature writing 2009
Divided highways… Tom Lewis
Genesis… Robert M Hazen
Welcome to my country… Lauren Slater
Anxiety and Phobias… Don Nardo
The cloudspotter’s guide… Pretor-Pinney Gavin
Insectopedia… Hugh Raffles
Survival of the sickest… Sharon Moalem
The economic naturalist… Robert H Frank
Silent spring… Rachel Carson
Bringing down the house… Ben Mezrich
Organized crime
Jewish family & life… Yosef I Abramowitz
Christianity in crisis… Hank Hanegraaff
United States West Coast… Adam M Sowards
The triple bind… Stephen P Hinshaw
The Politics of human rights
The economic naturalist… Robert H Frank
Silent spring… Rachel Carson
Bringing down the house… Ben Mezrich
Irish dance … Arthur Flynn
Farewell my nation
The politics of Reconstruction… David Herbert
Lewis and Clark and the route to the Pacific… Seamus Cavan
Cultures in conflict… Calvin Goldscheider
The Nazis
Western Europe in the Middle Ages… Joseph Reese Strayer
The historian as detective… Robin Winks
The Wendy dilemma… Dan Kiley
Bouncing back… Jami Biles Jones
Challenging nature… Lee M Silver

tom green dance academy

The Tom Green Show - Subway Monkey Hour
In The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour special, Tom Green heads to Japan to visit its many attractions and stir up trouble with his unpredictable outbursts and zany antics. Language is no barrier as Green visits a monkey zoo in Nikko dressed up in a Godzilla costume, plays with Japanese snow monkeys on the side of the road outside Nagano, impersonates Elvis Presley in front of a sacred temple in Kyoto and hangs out with a used panty salesman in Tokyo, just to mention a few highlights from the trip. Tom Green creates a hilarious juxtaposition with the more restrained Japanese as his rush hour antics in the subway transcend the language barrier.

If you’re a fan of Tom Green (the skinny white guy from MTV who humps dead animals, among other inane stunts), then you will probably enjoy watching him wander around a Japanese zoo wearing a furry green Godzilla costume, or slurping excessively in a noodle restaurant, or buying used panties from an underground used panties dealer, or vomiting in a hotel bathroom, or just generally inflicting himself upon the Japanese populace. If you are not a Tom Green fan, the The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour is unlikely to convert you, as it’s basically a record of Tom Green making an ass of himself all over Japan. You might, however, enjoying watching Tom Green being attacked by wild monkeys. –Bret Fetzer


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